is a consulting company specialized on the development of labour relations.

We support companies, works councils and Trade Unions to develop modern labour relations, as well as creating enduring organisations by taking into consideration the importance and competencies of every co-worker.

Our main region of activities is Central Europe even we are thinking and acting European wide.

In 2010 the Bt is the Hungarian correspondent of Eurofound. As a national/EU correspondent, Bt provides regular news updates on working conditions, labour relation and economic development in Hungary, in addition reports on national surveys and on particular topics.



Our founders

Ildikó Krén, EU-project and labour relation professional

She was born in 1963 in Hannover, she has Hungarian and German citzenship. After she finished at the Hannover University politology, she has studied at an MBA course between 1997 and 1999 at the Economics University, Budapest. She began working in Hungary in 1994 at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, where at first she worked at the economy – society developement department, afterwards she was elected to the labour relations area. She she gathered her experiences in project management and leading, her experiences of the European union and industrial relations and her recognition in the field of social partners and EU institutions On behalf of the European Federeation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) she has prepared the Central and Eastern European branch trade unions for joining the European Union and she has lead the office of EFFAT in Budapest. From 1998 she has been the leader of several project in different branches. She is the manager of

István Pócs, project management, oranisation development, strategic planning professional

He was born in 1974 in Uzshorod (Ukraine). He finished sociology at the ELTE with a concentration on change management. He started working at the 3K Consens Office as an organization developer and project manager. He took part in the design of the supporting of Hungarian supplier systems as a part of a governmental strategy and he also worked for the develpement agencies (MVA, RFÜ), worked in several PHARE programs. Form 1998 he is working for market, governmental and trade union projects as a strategy advicer and project leader. In 2007 he has studied in the USA in the fields of equality of chances, industrial relations and international business cooperation From 2005 to 2008 he was the adviser of the MOL group for inner relations He acquired Six Sigma Black Belt qualification in 2007. Now he is dealing with the green energy initiatives in the MOL Group.

Fellow workers and professionals:

Csönge Balla, assistant

Alexandra Hummel, assistant

Zsuzsa Rindt, assistant

Máté Illés, project design and management, labour relations professional

He was born in 1980 in Tatabánya. He finished social polic and sociology at ELTE with a concentration on change-management. Afterwards he has been studying at the Corvinus University of Budapest at labour relations department. He acquired his experiences in regional labour relations researches and in development projects of trade unions. From 2005 to 2007 he has been working for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour where he coordinated branch level and national labour relations and development.

We are working with a tool of experts (political scientist, trainers, sociologists, lawyers, economists, etc.) depending on the detailed task of the issue. Our company is established formally in 1998, but the founders are working in the above mentioned fields for a longer time. We have 2 fulltime employees, 3 half part time employees and 6-8 freelanced experts.

Hungarian, English, German, French, Russian.