Adult learning

  • Project „Quality assurance in vocational education and training", Leonardo Partnership program, 2010-

  • Project „Betriebliche Weiterbildung von Beschäftigten – Ein europäischer Aus-tausch guter Praktiken“ On-the-job-training of employees – a European exchange of best practice, Leonardo Partnership program, Arbeit und Leben Salzgitter 2009–2011

  • Qualification for “Innovation Manager”, Developing of training material, Leonardo Partnership program, Impetus Innovation Management GmbH, 2008–2010 Website.

  • Project “Regards croisés sur la gestion des restructurations de l’emploi dans les territories“ Anticipation of Changes for SME´s - Transferation of the project results to Hungary, assignment by GREP, Paris/France, 2006

  • Democracy and media training for NGOs, Grundvigh 2.2., Partner: RomSom Foundation, Hungary; Bennohaus Medienzentrum Deutschland,2005-2006

  • Blended Learning Course : Europaweit Wissen Wirksam Weitergeben und vernetzen (Europeanwide networking of knowlegde), Partner: Synergy Süd, Munich/Germany, 2005

  • Trade Unions in the Information Society, assignment by: Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, 2003, 2002, 2001


European Works Council

  • Heineken EWC training with FNV Format, Netherlands, 2010

  • Translation / interpretation service for Lear Corporation EWC meeting, 2010, 2009

  • Project "Transnational measures on strengthening the competencies of workers‘ representatives in the area of information, consultation and participation in South-East Europe". Partner: Arbeit und Leben, Salzgitter, 2010

  • Intersectorial transnational education project about improving usage of tools of Information and Consultation. Partner: Arbeit und Leben, Salzgitter, 2009-2010, Website

  • IBM - Information, consultation and participation structures at IBM sites and the support of European trade unions and experts, 2008

  •  Training for the European Works Council of Nordzucker: How to develop a CSR  declaration  about health and Safety?, Nordzucker EWC, 2008

  •  EWC at Axel Springer Ltd– ver.di Germany, 2004-2006

  •  EWC at BBAG (stopped because of BBAG merger with Heineken) – ANG Austria 2002-2003

  • The impacts of EU-enlargement on the interest representation of the food industry in the candidate countries – the example of Kraft Foods; partner: Trade Unions of food industry workers, Germany, Hungary and Norway, 2001




  • Development of information exchange and flow, sharing experiences among members to improve the operations and efficiency of the European Works Council of MOL, MOL Group EWC, 2009-2010

Metal industry:

  • Polish Metalworkers Union training on Application for EU-Budgetlines in behalf of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation Warsawa, 2008

  • Innovative measures for preventing and/or settlement of work conflicts in multinational enterprises by the example of restructuring such as fusions, assumptions and operating misalignments, outsourcing,  (VS/2005/0600), Partner: Arbeit und Leben Salzgitter, 2007

  • Hungarian Metalworkers training in Husstedt/Germany. “Improvement of workers livelong learning competence and strengthening the influence of Trade Unions on professional curriculae, Partner: Arbeit und Leben Educational Institute, Lower Saxonia, Germany. 2006 (supported by Leonardo)

Food sector:

  • Regional Coordination of the Global organising project for TNCs, 2010

  • Free Movement of Services in the Meat sector - Strategies for CSR agreements to ensure the minimum of social and labour standards in the enlarged Europe, 2007

  • Regional Coordination for the IUF Global project on Transnational companies – 2006-2010

  • Corporate cultures, interest representation and collective bargaining -Training on best practices in collective bargaining, information and consultation, Partner: European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors and allied branches (EFFAT), 2001

  • Competitiveness, information and consultation. Co-determination of employees as the key to social peace and welfare in CEE, , assignment by Commission of the European Union, DG V., Partner: European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors and allied branches (EFFAT), 2001

  • Trade Union strategies for the development of transregional labour markets and the integration of labour force Providing information on the potential impacts of the EU accession of the CEE countries on the labour markets and development of the tariffs in the border regions Example: Agriculture, food-processing industry, tourism, Assignment by: Commission of the European Union, DG V, Partner: European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors and allied branches (EFFAT), 2002

  • EU –enlargement and the development of social dialogue in the European sugar industry, Partner: European Sugar Industry Association (CEFS), European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors and allied branches (EFFAT), 2002

Public services:

  • Impact of EQF (European Qualification Framework) and Lifelong learning (LLL) on the establishment and classification of employees in the municipal sector., Kooperationsstelle Hochschule –Gewerkschaften an der TU Braunschweig, 2007

Media Sector:

  • Bratislava Dialogue – Supporting the implementation of information and consultation committees in European media companies with branches and/or emphasis activities in Central and Eastern Europe” (VS 2005/0594), assignment by ver.di Germany, 2005-2006

  • Axel Springer Verlag – Establishing a European Works Council  (VS 2003/0315) with ver.di and Uni Europe

Bath and water sector:

  •  Regular consulting of the Hungarian Committees for sectorial social dialogue (Bath, Water, Chemistry, communal affairs), 2005 Arbeit und Leben, Lower Saxonia, 2006


Consulting and training

  • Organising training for Coca-Cola workers, Croatia, 2010

  • Organising training for employees representatives on behalf of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung MOE and IUF, 2010

  • Social Dialogue and Media Training for GTUC, Georgia, Tbilisi, 2010

  • Prec-Cast: Training courses for the Works Council of Prec-Cast kft, Hungary, 2007–2008)

  • Debreceni Hús Rt.: Research on Debreceni Hús Rt  “Information and Cosultation in connection with financial develepoment”, in behalf of Syndex, HDSZ and Debreceni Hús Rt,  2007

  • Audi Motor Hungary: The improvement of co-operation within Audi Motor Hungary Ltd, assignment by Audi Works Council, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, 2001

  • 12. District Municipality: Organisational development of the 12. District Municipality, Budapest,  2000

  • Creditanstalt: Top management training, assignment by: Creditanstalt Hungary, 1999


Equal opportunities


  • Developing the South Eastern European Youth network of workers representatives and young workers, ÉTOSZ Hungary and Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2008 (VS 2007/0332)

  • Youth and the Trade Unions, series of seminars, assignment by: Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, 2000

Roma minority:

  • Intercult 2008, Media competence and democracy development for disadvantaged people in rural societies, Program Youth in Action, Partner: Youth4media 2008

  • “New learning environments: community media centres” – Implementation and development of independent medias for NGO. Support of a Roma foundation to improve democratic skills and Eu-Project experiences, Partners:  Bennohaus  Münster /Germany and other NGOs in Poland, Latvia and Hungary, 2005–2006, with the support of the European Programm Grundtvigh

Man and women

  • Developing an online questionnaire for comparison of wages, Equal: 2005-2007

  • European Project "RoMann" Role of the men to ensure congruency of work and private live in small and medium-size industrial companies. – a gender equality project (VS 2005/0447) with partners from France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary, 2005-2006

  • Gender Discrimination in the Collective Agreements in Hungary, Croatia an Slovenia. Training program. Friedrich Ebert Foundation. 2003

  •  “Equal pay for work of equal value” dialogue on strategies and instruments with German, Hungarian, Austrian and Italian Trade Unions, assignment by Commission of the European Union, DG V., Partner: ISA Consult GmbH Bochum– Consulting Agency for Innovation, Structural Policy and Labour, 2001

  • Women and the Trade Unions, regional seminar-series for women in Trade Unions from Hungary, assignment by: Women’s’ committee of the Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions (MSZOSZ), 2000

  • Women in works councils and the promotion of women at the company level – pilot project on the improvement of the possibilities of women in European Trade Unions, Partner: Commission of the European Union, DG V., Partner: ISA Consult GmbH Bochum– Consulting Agency for Innovation, Structural Policy and Labour, 1999


Web programing, Assistance service

  • Developing and designing the website for the project "Intersectorial transnational education project about improving usage of tools of Information and Consultation", 2009.Website

  • Developing of a web based search profile for job description and wage possibilities of professions, ÉSZT trade Union, Hungary, 2006-2011

  • Planning, designing and programming a website

  • Planning, designing and programming “Salary Check” portal: Online information about income possibilities in Hungarian professions for Hungarian Trade Unions, 2006 (Subcontractor of an Equal project with Hungarian and dutch partners)

  • Planning, designing and programming an online research site for the Society of Organizational Development Experts (SZMT) in Hungary. 2004-2005

  • Planning, designing and programming a robust online research portal for up to 500 Hungarian governmental institutions. Assignment by the Office of the Prime Ministry, 2004-

  • Planning, designing and programming a windows based penetration analyses database for Geological Institute of Hungary 2003-2004-

  • Planning, designing and programming Docuport 2.0. Internet based document and workgroup management system. Assignment by the Six Hungarian Trade Union Confederation. 2003

  • Planning, designing and programming a project portal for Geological Institute of Hungary. 2002


Surveys and researches

  • In 2010 the Bt is the Hungarian correspondent of Eurofound.

    Eurofound, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, is a European Union body, one of the first to be established to work in specialised areas of EU policy. Specifically, it was set up by the European Council (Council Regulation (EEC) No. 1365/75 of 26 May 1975), to contribute to the planning and design of better living and working conditions in Europe.

    • EIRO correspondent in Hungary
      A monitoring instrument offering news and analysis on European industrial relations, the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) has been published online since 1997.

    • EWCO correspondent in Hungary
      Set up in 2003, the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO) provides regular information on quality of work and employment issues in the EU Member States and at EU level.

    • ERM correspondent in Hungary
      The European Monitoring Centre on Change (EMCC) is an information resource established to promote an understanding of how to anticipate and manage change, set up in 2001.

  • Country researches on the industrial relations developments in the commerce sector in Europe for the Eurofound, 2010

  • Country research study on existing training systems as part of the "Betriebliche Weiterbildung von Be-schäftigten – Ein europäischer Aus-tausch guter Praktiken" Leonardo project, 2010

  • Country research on social dialogue and employment-oriented cooperation in the new EU member states, for FES and PCG, 2009 - 2010

  • Company mapping South East Europe (Heineken, Nestle, Coca Cola and Unilever) continuously, assignment by IUF, Geneva. 2006 -

  • Hungarian background research for “Filling in the Gaps – the practicalities of workplace information and consultation in EU”, Lionel Fulton, 2005

  • Country report Hungary: “Interest representation of employees in small and medium sized  enterprises in the European Union”,  background information for the German Metal workers Union IGMetall, 2005

  • Research about the IT-Situation in Hungarian Companies as a subcontractor of Mertens and Martienssen ltd, Hungary for  the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, 2005

  • Heineken – Croatia, Karlovacka Pivovara (KAPI), Company monitoring, Research manager: Ildikó Krén, Research team: Sándor Mátyási , Teuta Krilic, Luca Kertész, assignement by SOMO, Netherlands, 2005-2006

  • Development of Hungarian professional education system. For schools, high schools and universities. 2003-2004-. Ministry of Education in Hungary.

  • Transposition of Directive 94/45/EC into the law of the Accession Countries, Status Report June 2003 - EFFAT

  • Integration of intellectual workers difficult to organise – Building an Internet-based Trade Union, assignment by: Employment Development Fund, Hungary (OFA), 2002

  • Comparative analyses of the sectorial collective agreements from Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia from the angle of gender equality, assignment by Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, 2002

  • Gender equality survey in the public sector – Screening the Heim Pál Hospital for children, assignment by: Women’s’ Group of the Hungarian Trade Union Co-operation Forum (SZEF), 2001

  • Assessment of civil development tender bids, assignment by DEMNET 1999

  • Study of the social impacts of the information society, 2001, Hungary, Government Commissioner for Information Technology

  • The expected impacts of the information society on the economic sectors, 2000-2001, Government Commissioner for Information Technology

  • Study of the social impacts of the construction of the M7 highway, 2000, Ministry for Industry and Trade